Sunday, April 27, 2008


You can never have too many models if you're a photographer, and that seems to be my shortfall (the lack of models). However, lately I've had the opportunity to do some portraits for my good friend Christy and my girlfriend, Jen. They are both extremely good models, though neither one of them thinks so, and I had a great time blowing a few hundred frames on the two of them! (isn't digital great?) Both of these shots were taken right at dusk, about 7:30 pm. Its spring here in Kentucky now so the sun is setting a little later each day. I used a Nikon SB-600 shot thru a white translucent umbrella for both photos at about 1/2 power, triggered using my Nikon D300's CLS system. For Jen, the flash was at camera right about 1 foot above her head and for Christy it was at camera left about the same height. I had the flash positioned as close to both of them as I could so I could get a nice, wrapping light.

If anyone is interested in having a portfolio done, or even a few head shots, I'd be glad to do a few for free. I love shooting people and it is slowly becoming my 2nd favorite type of photography (after landscapes of course) :) You can email me by going to my about page and viewing my complete profile. My email is listed there.

Hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed taking them. And a big thanks to Jen and Christy for being such patient and gracious models!

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