Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flickr Rules!

I heard some negative comments the other day about Flickr and I about flipped out of my chair! I absolutely love Flickr and can't imagine anyone who has any common sense and non-elite-ism not liking it! Why do I love Flickr? Oh let me count the ways:

1. The functionality rules! I've been putting photos into various galleries now for several years and I have found none that are as easy and fulfilling to use.

2. The Flickr community is fantastic! You have an international group of people of all skill-sets, mind-sets and abilities from across the globe! Top that! Anyone? I dare you.

3. I've made a lot of new friends on Flickr and enjoyed immensely the spectacular and some not-so spectacular works I've viewed. Talk about free inspiration; its all there!

4. You don't have to be a pro to share your works and there are people from all walks of life who might enjoy a photo that you thought was just so-so.

5. The learning experience! I have learned so much in my less-than-a-year membership on Flickr, from lighting techniques, post processing tips and tricks, compositional styles, composites, camera settings and more. Its a never ending cycle of free learning if you just take the time.

6. Recognition. Everyone likes to get comments about their work, even constructive criticism. I've had soooo many nice comments about my work that it makes all the effort I've gone to putting photos up there well worth the trouble. Also from time-to-time, I admit I have posted a photo that I didn't think was top-notch, and you know what? Someone gave me a nice comment about it! How about that? Also, I have never, ever received a rude or snide comment from anyone. Lord knows I probably deserved one or two.

7. Ease of use. Not just for uploading photos but simply for viewing. I love to share photos with my family and friends and I can't think of a better way. Since I shoot digital, and hundreds of pics a week, I couldn't possibly print them all, so Flickr has been the key for me.

8. It looks good and it works

9. The groups and forums rule! I've found so many interesting groups about particular types of photos. There are groups for every type of photography you can think of and forums to go with it.

10. Its not ran by elitist snobs. (At least I've never ran across one)

Ok, I don't mean to rant on my blog but I found it necessary to do so. No photos for this post but I'll get back on the band wagon with the next one.

Oh, and by the way, check out Flickr for yourself! Its the best photographic gallery on the net.

My page is HERE

Oh and by the way, I will be renewing my Flickr Pro account when it expires in August.


Christy said...

And who turned you on to the wonderful world of Flickr? Hmmm my memory fails me.... ;)

Christina said...

I love it!!!

Flickr has been sooo much better to me than any other photo / photographer site out there!! Like you said, it's all walks of life and it's a mutual community of photographers, not a hierarchy!!!