Monday, July 7, 2008


f/11 at 1/250s ISO 200

Every once in a while as a photographer you get that one photo that makes you beam with delight once you see it on your monitor. That was the case with this shot. Its one of my favorite portraits that I've ever done and it turned out better than I hoped. Plus this model is becoming very dear to me so it was a lot of fun shooting her. This photo is part of a series I did for her for her upcoming Sweet 16 birthday party. There were quite a few other good ones but I really really liked this one.

We were shooting in the woods and I wanted to cross light her with flash and the sun but I wanted a wooded background so that knocked out using the sun behind her (which is what I usually do). So, I put my Nikon SB-600 on a lightstand in the woods behind her and camera left so that it would add a nice rim light around her. Then I waited for the sun to pop out and took the shot. The flash was dialed back to about 1/2 power and I triggered it with my D300's built in CLS system.

Hope you like the shot as much I do! =)

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