Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photographing on Video!

While doing Jessica's Sweet 16 shoot the other day, my good buddy Jason popped out with his video camera and filmed part of the shoot. It was really fun to go back and watch although I'm not that fond of seeing myself on the "other side" of the camera! =)

Check out the video though, its pretty entertaining and it gives you another glimpse into how beautiful Jess really is!

Thanks for the video Jason!

You can see the rest of Jess's Sweet 16 photo's on my Flickr Page.

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Jen Lee said...

This was a great moment of her life, I was so happy to have you there to share it with me! The photos turned out so great! Interesting how our photos both took on different qualities, yours with the use of lighting techniques, mine with use of diffused on camera lighting=)