Monday, August 11, 2008

Scott Kelby's World Wide Photowalk!

Update: As of today 8/13/08 the Louisville Kentucky Photo Walk is full, 50 members have signed up!

Coming soon to a city near you!

Scott Kelby today on his blog announced that there are a total of 236 cities around the world participating in his World Wide Photowalk on August 23rd!!! That's going to be one heck of a bunch of photographers scouring our cities for good shots!

For the latest update on Scott's site, click HERE and for anyone wanting to participate in the Louisville, Kentucky area Photowalk, as of writing this, there are only 3 spots left so sign up now! You can get to that by clicking HERE.

Also, for the Louisville area members, you can go ahead and request to join the Photowalk Flickr group for Louisville, by clicking HERE.

It seems like its going to be a lot of fun and I personally can't wait to see all of the shots that are taken, not just in my area, but around the world, AROUND THE WORLD!!! cool is that? =)

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