Saturday, June 13, 2009


As many of you know, I am a resource hound! The more information I can get my hands on, the better, especially when it comes to photography related information.

Since I haven't posted some new links for a while, the vault has been piling up so I thought I would fire off some of the most interesting things I have ran across lately.

First and most importantly:

1. Strobist Boot Camp II is kicking off on the Strobist blog. David Hobby of the Strobist blog did this a while back and it was a fun exercise. He basically gives out four lighting assignments over the course of the summer, you do your homework, complete the assignments, post to Flickr ..and this time, you can win prizes!!!

That is cool. Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the entire post and the assignments closely as everything you will need to know is laid out in those posts. There are a lot of people posting questions in the Flickr forums that could have gotten the answer by reading the post.

2. One of my favorite photographers, Joe McNally, has updated his website/blog and it is definitely worth the look!

3. For Nikon shooters, if you're not watching D Town TV, then you are missing out! Its a weekly video show by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski that covers EVERYTHING Nikon. The clips usually run around 10-15 mins and are chocked full of useful information from lighting to lens choices.

4. Discovered a new photographer who's work I really dig, Greg Sims, check him out!

5. Dustin Diaz is a professional photographer who is not only doing a Project 365, but he is doing it the Strobist way, by lighting every one of his shots for the Project. So you're not just seeing namby-pamby-couldn't-think-of-anything-else-better-to-shoot style shots. He's cranking out some seriously cool stuff. You can also get him on Flickr.

That's all I have for now, more to come...

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