Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cool stuff...

I just love What the Duck!

Cool stuff from surfing the net over the last two weeks...

1. Google Analytics for Photographers download by Photoshelter on how to use one of the internet's most powerful tools

2. Photography Now ...a cool place to view a lot of great photographer's works, including some of the masters

3. this one was a very interesting read! Copyright Myths De-Bunked

4. Ever wanted to learn how to photograph bats? well then, check this out!

5. My favorite word RESOURCES! 50 Free Resources to Improve your Photography Skills

6. For anyone who would like to have a free resource to make your own lighting diagrams of your photography sessions, check out this link ...the best I've seen to date

7. All the smart guys are at MIT ...this is too cool!

that's it for now!

P.S. ...McNally finds the first red tree in the States (osmotically through Moose Peterson)

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Christy said...

#4 - I saw this somewhere the other day and was flabergasted. That's what I want to do!