Thursday, September 3, 2009

War Shooter and McNally

I stumbled across two great articles today and wanted to share...

The first one is by award winning Teru Kuwayama on how to be shooting in war zones and not get yourself shot. I have no desire whatsoever to do this kind of photography, but I highly respect those that put their own lives on the line to bring the world news and stories.

Number two, for those of you who don't have Joe McNally's latest book The Hot Shoe Diaries, Digital Photo Pro recently did a Q&A style interview with him where he posts a few shots and takes excerpts from his book to describe how he took them. Good, good reading here ...if you haven't picked up his book yet and you get into off camera lighting, then you are really missing out! Do yourself a favor and GET IT!

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William said...

Thanks for the link! You should also check out the documentary "War Photographer" about James Nachtwey. It's really neat because a lot of the footage is from a small video camera mounted on his camera so you can watch him in action.