Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fulltone Foto

I just wanted to take a quick minute to give a shout out to Fulltone Foto.  They are a photography lab based here in Louisville, Kentucky that still does film developing HOUSE!  They also offer a wide selection of services from framing and mounting, to slide scanning, to canvas prints.

I was looking for a local provider to develop 120 film and a friend tipped me off to these guys.  I dropped off 2 rolls of 120 film (one black & white) and a roll of 35mm on  Monday and got them back on a Tuesday afternoon!!  With anyone else I have used, it seems to ususally take a week, especially with black & white.  The prints I received were top quality and they scanned them to disc for me as well at a very reasonable price.

So if you're in the Louisville, Kentucky area and are looking to get film developed, check out Fulltone Foto!  They are located in Dorsey Plaza, right off of Shelbyville Road.

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Jamie said...

Good to know! I wonder why everybody told me time and time again that no one here did it in house?? Of course I'll still do my own, but I like to know what's around.