Friday, July 8, 2011



So I deleted an album of photos from my Google+ account because I didn't want them on that website.  They were an album of photos associated with this blog, now ALL of those photos are missing from my blog!


Can anyone please tell me how to restore these photos?  Otherwise, I have weeks worth of work to do to replace them.

I realize this was my mistake, but Google+ should have put something on their website that says deleting photos from there can also remove them from other Google associated programs.

This makes me sick.


Emilie said...

I found your blog through searching the Google help forum. Since joining Google+ and changing my privacy settings on my Blogger photo album, all of my images have disappeared from my blog as well. Even if I change my privacy settings, they won't show up. I'll cross-post on your forum comment to see if we can get an answer. I'm frustrated. Good luck.

John said...

Thanks Emilie, in the meantime, I've sent out a few help messages to Google, left feedback on Google+ and I'm going to try to call and talk to an actual living, breathing person.

Good luck to you too and thanks for the input!