Sunday, September 25, 2011

Powerpax Battery Management System Review

Powerpax Battery ManagementChances are, if you're a photographer, you probably have dozens of AA batteries lying around.  These days it seems like everything photography related uses them (if you're lucky), from speedlights, to radio triggers, to light meters etc etc.  I know I have at least around three dozen batteries, all of which are rechargeables and it can be a chore to keep them all organized and together.

I have tried every method and product imaginable for storing and keeping my batteries organized but have now found a product I truly love!  Chris at Outdoor Photo Gear tipped me off to the Powerpax Battery Management system.  These little guys are a breeze to use, take up little to no space, and what I really love about them is that I can keep groups of four batteries together, in a small and compact, secure device.

These little guys are made of a hard, durable plastic and aren't much bigger than a set of four AA batteries in your hand.  The batteries simply pop in through the bottom of the case and snap in to place, ensuring a snug fit.  They won't fall out due to the design of the case, however you can easily pop the batteries out with one hand, which if you shoot weddings or other venues where you need to reload batteries quickly, this can save valuable time.  When on an assignment, I always carry at least two sets of AA batteries in my pockets and up until now, I felt like I had aliens growing out of my legs due to the size of the case that I stored my batteries in, but with these new cases, you don't even notice them in your pockets.

Another thing I really like about this system, is that you can get these cases that will hold various quantities.  I personally prefer the 4-packs because most of the devices I use, either hold four AA's or two such as my radio triggers.  The 4-packs are handy to me because one important thing with batteries is to not mix and match them.  In other words, when you get a quantity of rechargeable batteries, you always want to keep them in the original group, otherwise you can have problems keeping them charged.  Some chargers will not charge batteries evenly when you have batteries of various charge levels in the charger.  So, when I get a set of four batteries, I mark them with a sharpie so that I know which set goes together.  The new Powerpax cases now enable me to keep those same four batteries together in a much easier system.

A couple of other cool tidbits about the Powerpax system is that they come in multiple colors which may help you even more in organizing your batteries.  You can even get them in a glow-in-the-dark color! ...which should come in handy for all you night flashers ;)

This product has been on the market for some time and apparently, pilots, the military and other similar groups have been using these with great success.  Now I can see these really taking off in the photography world.

To show how easy these are to use, I included a short video showing how to load and unload the batteries. (please excuse my poor video skills)  Again I have to say I REALLY love this product and am planning on getting one of these for every set of batteries I have.

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