Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rogue Flash Bender Diffusion Screens

Do you already own a Rogue Flash Bender made my ExpoImaging?  If so, then you will definitely want to pick up one of the new Diffusion Screens.  These handy screens improve the light from the flash bender by diffusing the light giving it a softer quality, especially when used in close to your subjects.

The Rogue Flash Benders are handy speedlight modifiers that simply velcro on to your flash, and can then be adjusted and formed to better control and shape the light.  The new Diffusion Screens simply velcro on to your already existing Flash Bender and help to spread and soften that light.  The new Diffusion Screens also come in two sizes, one for the large Flash Bender and another for the smaller one.  The large screen creates a 9" by 8" source of light and the smaller one is 9" by 4.5".

To give a frame of reference of the differences between using a bare flash and the Flash Bender with the new Diffusion Screens, check out the images below.

You can see in the photo above and to the left, what a hard shadow a bare speedlight creates, while in the photo to the right you can see how softer the shadows are and how much more diffused the light is by using the Flash Bender and Diffusion Screen.  The flash used to light both of these photos was the same distance from the subject and also at the same angle.  This modifier also appears to use roughly 2 stops of light.  The only post work done to these photos was cropping, and combining them on one frame.

For something a little more useful, check out this portrait of my beautiful model using just a bare speedlight.  While this particular model looks good in just about any light source, notice how hard the shadow lines are and how there is a little more texture and detail in the face.  Also notice the shadow on the back wall and how sharp it appears.
In this next portrait, I used the large Flash Bender with the Diffusion Screen and right off you notice the better quality of light.  The shadow lines appear much softer and the fall off of light on the background is much more subtle and diffused.  Its hard to notice in these photos, but also the Flash Bender creates a larger catch light in the eyes, especially when using them in closer to your subject.

Another nice benefit of using these modifiers, is that they are light weight, and fold down so that they can be stuffed in just about any sized gear bag.

To see how the Diffusion Screens attach to your speedlight, check out this short video clip below...

The Diffusion Screens are sold separately from the Flash Benders so if you already own a Rogue Flash Bender (or two), you definitely will want to pick yourself up one of these.  Maybe in the future ExpoImaging will come out with a deal for those folks that don't have either, which will include a Flash Bender AND a Diffusion Screen in one package. (hint, hint) :)

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