Sunday, July 27, 2008

The County Fair

f/22 at 5 seconds ISO 200

A few friends and I went to the Oldham County Fair over the weekend and had a great time! I don't think I've been to a county fair in more than 10 years. I didn't realize what a great place for photos a county fair could be! There was a demolition derby going on, beauty contests, live bands and a huge amount of interesting people to photograph. However, the one thing that really caught my eye were all the pretty lights! When we got there it was still daylight, but I knew once it got dark, those amusement rides would make for some serious eye candy! So we walked around, shot photos of people, shot a ton of the demolition derby (which was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be) and then after it got dark, I formulated my attack plan.

While it was daylight, I scoped out what I thought would be the most interesting rides (basically the ones with the most lights) and planned out from what angle I would be shooting from. I knew I wanted to take a long exposure of the rides, so I headed back to my car and got my tripod. Then I went back to the spot I had looked at earlier, mounted my D300 on my tripod and composed the shot.

A couple of things to add, that I think really make a difference in composing long exposures are: since I was using a tripod, I made sure to turn off the Vibration Reduction feature on my 18-200mm VR lens, I turned on NR - noise reduction in my camera and set the high ISO noise reduction to max, even though I was shooting at ISO 200. I don't know if that last setting really helps or not, but I liked how the shot turned out. =) So, I had my in camera settings the way I wanted, I set the Aperture to f/22 and the shutter speed to 5 seconds, then I banged away. The shot above was my favorite of the group.

An interesting note, it was funny how many people on the rides saw me, and were waving and smiling. Little did they know that there was no way that they would appear in any of the shots I took. =)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Farmer's Daughter

f/13 at 1/250s ISO 100

My friend Kim (and fellow photographer) got dressed up in her best country girl clothes and graciously posed for me and several other photographers at her party. We had a great time and I did an entire set of her using the cross lighting technique. This is really starting to become one of my favorite techniques for portraits and Kim really made a great model. To see the rest of the set, click HERE. To see some of Kim's own work, check out her photography website HERE.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photographing on Video!

While doing Jessica's Sweet 16 shoot the other day, my good buddy Jason popped out with his video camera and filmed part of the shoot. It was really fun to go back and watch although I'm not that fond of seeing myself on the "other side" of the camera! =)

Check out the video though, its pretty entertaining and it gives you another glimpse into how beautiful Jess really is!

Thanks for the video Jason!

You can see the rest of Jess's Sweet 16 photo's on my Flickr Page.

Monday, July 7, 2008


f/11 at 1/250s ISO 200

Every once in a while as a photographer you get that one photo that makes you beam with delight once you see it on your monitor. That was the case with this shot. Its one of my favorite portraits that I've ever done and it turned out better than I hoped. Plus this model is becoming very dear to me so it was a lot of fun shooting her. This photo is part of a series I did for her for her upcoming Sweet 16 birthday party. There were quite a few other good ones but I really really liked this one.

We were shooting in the woods and I wanted to cross light her with flash and the sun but I wanted a wooded background so that knocked out using the sun behind her (which is what I usually do). So, I put my Nikon SB-600 on a lightstand in the woods behind her and camera left so that it would add a nice rim light around her. Then I waited for the sun to pop out and took the shot. The flash was dialed back to about 1/2 power and I triggered it with my D300's built in CLS system.

Hope you like the shot as much I do! =)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Featured Photographer!

I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank the guys over at the Louisville Photography Collective. They have me listed as the featured photographer this week, and with all of the incredible talent on that website, I am very flattered to have been nominated. Thanks guys for featuring me!

You can view my page on the site by clicking HERE.

If you haven't checked out the Louisville Photography Collective, please take the time to stop by. Its a website dedicated to photographers from the Louisville Kentucky area, and there is a lot of amazing work on there!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

THE NIKON D-700!!!

That's right, Nikon has done it again! Today they announced the release of a new dSLR, the D-700 and a new speedlight, the SB-900. Just when I thought I was getting up to par (by getting a D300) they go and release some other total coolness. Don't think I'll be getting a new camera body any time soon, but that new SB-900 speedlight looks mighty tasty!

To read Nikon's release on the D-700, click HERE.

To read Ken Rockwell's review of the D-700, click HERE.

To read Nikon's release on the SB-900, click HERE.

If anyone wants to buy me either of these, please email me for the shipping address! ;)