Saturday, August 23, 2008


f/5.6 1/30 sec ISO 500

Jenn and I finally made it to the Kentucky State Fair on Friday night. I try to go every year just to take photos ...and to eat some completely unhealthy, yet tasty food. Every year I go, I tend to take the same shots so this time I tried to make a point to look for different things. The photo above was my favorite this year ...and a happy accident. I was actually shooting this scene much wider when I really noticed that the cool part was the silhouettes of people being back lit by the lights in the fountain. I didn't have my tripod with me (for fear of being arrested =) so I shot this hand held. It was my favorite from the day.


Raining Crafts & Dogs said...

Beautiful shot! I've never seen this fountain at night. Love the silhouettes of the fair-goers!

Ceece said...

It looks really great! Accidents are the best. and why would you have been arrested?!

John said...

Ceece, its kind of a little joke among photographers. You can go out in public and shoot all day long without a tripod and have no problems, but the minute you whip out a tripod, it seems that cops will appear out of nowhere asking if you have a permit to shoot. This generally happens more in cities and big, public events.