Thursday, November 6, 2008


Stumbled across a few more cool links that I wanted to share...

If you are a fan of the Strobist blog, David Hobby has made a downloadable .pdf file available of his entire section on Lighting 101!!! You can get it here.

Two really great photographers I have stumbled across recently are Nicolas Guerin and Mark Seliger. Both of these guys are fantastic portrait photographers that really know how to use nuanced light.

If you're in to vintage photos than hop on over to Square America. They have a huge collection of vintage photos that have been gathered from everywhere! Its a really great collection.

No description on this one, you just have to check it out... Rabbit Hash Kentucky

If you live in the Louisville, Kentucky area then you should do yourself a favor and visit the Paul Paletti Gallery on Market Street. He has one of the most amazing collections of photography and I am flabbergasted every time I go there. Its also the only gallery in the area that is devoted to photography. Paul's a really nice guy too!

Ok, that's it ...for now. =)

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