Monday, February 16, 2009

Pocket Wizards vs. ....well, EVERYONE else

Today, Pocket Wizard has announced the release of two new radio transmitter/receivers ...the MiniTT1 and the FlexTT5. These guys are the latest in Pocket Wizard's lineup of wireless radio frequency triggering devices. Unfortunately, these triggers only work with Canon cameras, but a Nikon set is on the way. This agitates me a bit since I am a Nikon guy, but since the pin design on Canon and Nikon cameras/flashes are different, I understand why they have to have separate devices for each line of camera (guess they're saving the best for last huh?) =)

The new transmitter/receivers will enable TTL commands and high speed syncing, all controlled from the camera! The pricing will be a little higher than the already existing Pocket Wizard Plus IIs but with full TTL control and the ability to high speed sync, I can see these giving Radio Popper and a handful of other radio trigger manufacturers a run for the money.

To read more on the new Pocket Wizard toys, check out the Pocket Wizard site.

Also, check out the review by David Hobby on the Strobist blog.

Just one more thing to consider in the world of RF triggering devices... great. =)

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