Monday, February 2, 2009

Trapped Under Ice

What we take for granted!!

Its Groundhog Day today in the U.S., and I finally got my power turned back on after a massive snow and ice storm. On Tuesday Jan. 27th 2009, most of Kentucky was blanketed by a snow and ice storm that crippled the state. The governor declared a state of emergency and our newly elected president declared Kentucky a federal disaster area.

At one point, the news stations were saying that around 700,000 customers were without power in the state of Kentucky alone! I can only imagine what the clean up and repair bill is going to be, but I've heard estimates of around $45 million!!! This has been the worst winter storm that Kentucky has seen and there are still many people in the state without power. Mine came back on Saturday afternoon, and I'm fairly certain it was due to the good people from Pike Electric, based out of North Carolina. Thanks guys!!! There are electrical crews from all over the country here helping out with the effort, including the National Guard.

My power went out Tuesday afternoon but fortunately, my girlfriend graciously tolerated me and my cat for a week until the power came back on. Even if my power had come back on, my driveway (I live on a farm in a fairly rural area) was impassable to anything other than large, heavy 4-wheel drive vehicles. In the course of six days, I got my car stuck three times, my girlfriend's 4x4 stuck twice, caught a cold, and have generally been in a foul disposition. The power came back on Saturday night, and then the temperature warmed enough on Sunday, that I was able to make it home in my car. My internet is still down, but that is only a slight problem ....for now. =)

Its funny what we take for granted. Simple things such as shelter, running water, a warm bed and download connection speed of 1.5M can be highly underestimated when you don't have them. I'm sooo thankful to have friends that were kind enough to help me out and a girlfriend who had the patience and tolerance to put up with me, my OCD issues and my less than friendly cat.

On a side note: Punxsutawney Phil can kiss my rear!!!

Also, if you haven't seen it already, photographer David Bergman was at the presidential inauguration and rather than capturing the standard shots, he made a 1,474 megapixel panoramic print of the event!! It has been such a huge success for him, that he made prints of it available for sale. CHECK IT OUT!


Jenn Lee said...

Though the whole ordeal with the storm was a pain and highly irritating, but having you guys there made it tolerable...Oh and your cat was not at all a problem, she loves me!=)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am very grateful to have heat and hot water again! This will definitely be a birthday I won't forget!

John said...

Christy... didn't you wish for snow? ^#$#$((*))($@#$$#@$%