Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cool Nuggets of Info...

Photographer Dan Winters, portrait taken by photographer Jay Janner

Its been pretty hectic around my household lately, what with buying the new home and nice weather finally rolling out.  We've been doing a lot of remodeling, landscaping and general personalizing our new place, but I've still stumbled across a bunch of cool links lately and thought they were definitely interesting enough to share...

*  First off, a really cool photographer who I have followed on Flickr for sometime, recently started his own website.  If you're in to still life photography and the Dutch Golden Age of painting, then definitely check his work out!

*  Next up, travel photographer extraordinaire, Bob Krist, posted a very cool article on having soft, portable lighting with you all the time, check it out!

*  One of my new favorite photography blogs is The Still Image with Crash Taylor.  In this blog, Crash has guest photographers post some of their favorite shots, then discuss how they took it  This is so cool, I can't possibly put it in words!

*  Why are we photographers?  Well, I can't answer that for you, but Joe McNally sums it up pretty well in this post.

*  Ever wanted to get that high key look with a blown, white background and your subject perfectly lit, but only have one light?  Then check out this cool forum discussion over in the Strobist Flickr group.  Pretty cool technique, but being that its originally from Dean Collins, that's no surprise.

*  Photographing Dan Winters!  Can you imagine, getting a call from your boss telling you that your assignment is to photograph the legendary portrait photographer Dan Winters!!!  Well that's what happened to photographer Jay Janner.  The Strobist sums it up best on his blog and I couldn't help but to re-post this.  Check it out HERE.

Keep checking back on the blog, planning on doing a speedlight modifier review soon, including the Lastolite Ezybox and the Softlighter II.


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Jenn Lee said...

Really nice blog post! Love the links you shared, these guys are amazingly talented. You definitely see with an artist's eyes. =)