Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Here in the U.S. its officially Labor Day weekend, and more locally, its the University of Kentucky vs. the University of Louisville college football game ...which is pretty much a small super bowl in this neck of the woods.

This weekend, most people are cooking out, camping and enjoying the weather for this is the last hoorah of the summer if you live North of the equator.  A lot of people are off from work for an extended weekend so I thought this would be a good time to share some links for the downtime between the cooking, eating and watching college football.

First off is a blog called Guess the Lighting ran by photographer Ted Sabarese where he takes well known photographs and dissects them from a lighting stand point.  Its a pretty interesting blog and may be helpful to a lot of lighting photographers out there.  Plus, Ted is an awesome photographer with a great sense of humor.  Be sure to check out his portfolio too.

Next up is photographer Eric Ogden.  I just recently discovered his work and what I like most about his photography is his use of 'motivated lighting' and use of color.  He lets his subjects drive what lighting techniques he will use which is a hard thing to wrap your head around for a lot of up-and-coming lighting photographers.  His lighting doesn't draw attention to itself, and isn't over the top.  Its just enough to convey the mood he's looking for, and to draw attention to the subject.  Check out his work!

Another cool site I visit often for inspiration is Bruton Stroube.  They may have the coolest set of commercial photography for the alcohol and food industry that I have seen.  If you're in to this sort of photography, check them out for a mother lode of inspiration!

Ever seen those cool photos of colored smoke that folks are doing?  If you want to learn how to do this, check out this awesome tutorial over at photo tuts.

Also this week, Photoshop World in Las Vegas has been going on and you can keep up with all the details from Scott Kelby's blog, the Photoshop Insider.

One last tidbit, check out this interview of one my favorite photographers, Platon.

Well, that's all I have for today.  Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend.  I'm heading out to a party with my family and friends, and will be rooting for my team, the University of Kentucky Wildcats ...GO CATS!!!

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Anonymous said...

John, at least you have the correct team logo on your blog! Go Big Blue!