Monday, December 20, 2010

The Frio Coldshoe Adapter Review

There's a new kid in town in the cold shoe department!  From the same awesome guys that came up with the Orbis Ring Flash adapter, comes the all new Frio Universal adapter.  This cool little guy will connect any hotshoe flash to any 1/4-20 threaded stud and it connects very securely.

Its made of a hard, durable plastic, is very light weight, and is smaller than the standard plastic shoe that comes with most flashes.  This little guy is so small that you can literally pack 10 of these in any bag and take up little to no space.

But does it work, you say?

Let's check it out...

As stated above, the Frio simply screws on to any 1/4-20 threaded stud (which is pretty much standard on just about all light stands, tripods and just about anything else you can attach a flash to), and the flash hotshoe just slides right in.

The Frio has a "dual locking" mechanism in that there is a plastic tab that you have to push down to get the flash in the shoe, then it has a slot that picks up the locking pin mechanism on just about every hotshoe flash.

I used mine on an umbrella swivel adapter (as I do with all my shoe mounts).  Because the Frio has a metal threaded insert and not a plastic one, you get a very secure fit to your stud mount.  Also, you can wrench it down pretty well without fear of stripping the threads ...not so with plastic threading.

You can see in the photo below that the Frio is approximately half the size of the standard plastic cold shoe that comes with your flash.

Just to test the Frio's actual strength out, I turned my flash over to a 90 degree angle.  Not only did it not even budge, I actually banged on the flash a little to see if I could jostle it out no success.  I also attached a beauty dish to my flash (not pictured) to see if it could withstand the extra weight, which it did with no issues.

I also tried the Frio with a few other quirky flashes I have and they all mounted right in with no issues.  I can tell you this, I will be replacing all of my existing cold shoes with the new Frio.

You can read more about the Frio on the official website and you can pick them up at your favorite photography gear supply store.

Hope you check these because they really rock!

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