Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sharing and Stealing: A Photographer's Nightmare

 I'm stealing your photos!

With the advent of websites like TinEye and Google's Image Search (websites that allow you to search the internet by photo), I have to say I was really appalled at the sheer number of times I've found my own copyrighted photos used without my consent.  Literally, I found that images of mine have been used, without permission (or credit) more times than I could possibly ever track down and resolve.  If you're a photographer, illustrator, graphic artist or something similar, and post your work on the internet, then I suggest you use one of the tools above to find out exactly how much of your work might be out there without your consent as well.

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Friday, July 8, 2011



So I deleted an album of photos from my Google+ account because I didn't want them on that website.  They were an album of photos associated with this blog, now ALL of those photos are missing from my blog!


Can anyone please tell me how to restore these photos?  Otherwise, I have weeks worth of work to do to replace them.

I realize this was my mistake, but Google+ should have put something on their website that says deleting photos from there can also remove them from other Google associated programs.

This makes me sick.