Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Today in the U.S. is the day we celebrate our independence as a newly formed country and by remembering the powerful words of the Declaration of Independence, a treatise that created the backbone of democratic power and freedom throughout the land and even abroad.

We Americans usually celebrate this day with fireworks, cookouts, parties and (if luck would have it) a dip in a nice, refreshing pool or lake ...its usually pretty darn hot all over the country during this time of year.

For me though, the holiday is a bit bitter-sweet because two years ago today my dad passed away from a nasty bout of cancer.  My dad was not only a voice of reason and discipline in my life but also became a close friend so it was hard to deal with his passing, especially on a day that most of us should be celebrating.  That being said though, my dad was also a fierce patriot, served his country in the military and fervently believed in all of the principles of our democracy and freedoms bestowed to us by our founding fathers. 

So, if it was possible to choose the day when our time comes, I know dad would be most pleased that his passing occurred on the day we celebrate the founding of our country.  Today, not only will I be remembering those that paved the way for this great country through their own hardships and lessons learned, I will also be remembering and celebrating the life of someone who was so dear to me, and helped me gain a respect and love for my country too.

Happy 4th of July dad, missing you!